Zero Beach is a project created by Rezero foundation and eco-union whose main objective is to define a marine waste prevention protocol within the framework of municipal waste prevention plans and binding ordinances and regulations (such as zero waste ordinances, prohibition of single-use plastics, etc.).

Zero Beach aims to be a quality benchmark for the user, to distinguish the good environmental status of the beaches of Catalonia.


The project will be carried out in two stages:

– Research phase
– Pilot phase: implementation of the strategies defined in the protocols in three coastal municipalities of Catalonia, where the new agreed measures will be applied and small awareness-raising campaigns aimed at beach users will be carried out.

After this pilot phase, the document will be reformulated according to the results obtained. All these elements will culminate in the creation of the final protocol, that will be presented at the Blue eco-forum to be held at the end of the year.

With this project we intend to:

  • Design protocols for the prevention of marine rubbish and organic waste on beaches on the Catalan coast.
  • Involve actively 3 municipalities on the Catalan coast in the prevention of marine rubbish on beaches.
  • Test, on the basis of pilot tests, the implementation of various measures for the prevention of waste on beaches and to analyse the results obtained.
  • Raise awareness and engage beach users and other economic agents on the prevention of marine litter on beaches.
  • Improve systems for the prevention of marine litter and specific organic waste for beaches.
  • Encourage legislative changes to several municipal and supramunicipal administrations to establish permanent prevention protocols.

Zero Beach has the support of the Catalan Waste Agency and BeMed.


Working session with multiple public-private actors where the Zero Beach protocol will be presented and reviewed

Pilot testing of the protocol in three municipalities

Awareness campaign aimed at recreational beach users

Report on the implementation of the protocols in the municipalities of the AMB