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Travel and rail industry partner with civil society calling on policy makers to shift to rail

European actors of the rail and travel sector, rail industry, civil society and passengers associations call on European Institutions and Member states to take bold actions now to achieve a climate-friendly transport system by 2030. Their call was presented at the Connecting Europe Days in Lyon, by Europe on Rail on the Panel “Boosting Passenger Rail Transport” (15:00h-16:30h CET).  “The…
Helena Fortea
1 July, 2022
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Power to the roofs: Repowering Europe through rooftop Solar PV

New report compares European countries’ policies and practices in regards to residential rooftop solar PV and reveals the lack of a right regulatory framework and many barriers that are hindering their progress. The upcoming EU Solar Energy Strategy and the announced European Solar Rooftops Initiative need to provide direction for member states to accelerate their rollout of rooftop solar PV.…
16 May, 2022
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Financing the sustainable development of the Mediterranean

eco-union, together with IEMed, developed a briefing on Green and Climate Finance in the Euro-Mediterranean region that tackles the following topics: 1. Green Finance: concept and situation 2. State of Green Finance in the Mediterranean 3. The challenges for the Mediterranean 4. Prospects and disruptions up to horizon 2050 5. Different scenarios for the future of Green and Climate Finance The…
2 May, 2022
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Choosing the right path at this turning point in history

Civil society call for solidarity and a strong commitment to the ecological and social transition for resilience, energy independence and peace. The European Environmental Bureau, SDG Watch Europe, the European Youth Movement and Solidar, together with eco-union and other European civil society networks and organisations, ask that decision-makers across the EU recognise the fundamental need to work together as never…
25 April, 2022
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Mobility Eco Forum

Press Note 15th March, 2022 We are at a turning point for the future of our planet, and transport is one of the key drivers of change. High-speed rail transport has taken on an increasingly important role in the European mobility system. With the electrification of railways, rail has also become one of the instruments to accelerate the climate agenda…
15 March, 2022

Manifiesto for a green, just and democratic european economy

Eco-union and 272 other civil society organisations, think tanks, trade unions and employers supported by academics from across the European Union have come together to call for fundamental reform of the EU’s fiscal rules. Governments have the responsibility to steer the way to operate a socially just green transition. The aim of economic policy across Europe must not be to…
15 March, 2022
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‘End imports of Russian oil to stop financing Putin’s war’

Before the war in Ukraine, NGOs ask the European Union to adopt new measures to stop the energy prices crisis and paralyze Russia’s energy income.    Until now, energy policies have remained outside of the economic sanctions package imposed by the European Union. Indeed, Russia continues to profit from its energy monopoly and the high dependence of EU countries. In…
3 March, 2022

Eco-union’s submissions to the Indicative Strategy for the Spanish Rail Infrastructure 2021-26

Eco-union collected in the following document the allegations to the Spanish Railway Strategy, for the 2021-2026 period. The allegations focus on medium and long-distance passenger trains, especially on cross-border connections and night trains. The recent Action Plan to boost passenger rail services published by the European Commussion in December 2021 has been used as a basis for the drafting of…
11 February, 2022
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The success of the European Green Deal depends on its national ownership

  "Robust national climate governance can foster the enabling conditions for national leadership in delivering the EU’s objectives on climate neutrality and the rule of law. Failing to address the national ownership gap in the ongoing “Fit for 55” negotiations exposes the EU’s climate mandate and carbon pricing mechanism to a backlash on climate actions. It could also energise opponents…
8 February, 2022