Plan-MEDtur aims to generate recommendations for the implementation of Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) (RD 363/2016) on the management of tourist activities and nautical transport/cruises with an ecosystem approach, in the Levantina-Balear demarcation of the Spanish Mediterranean. PLAN-MEDTUR wants to contribute to the process of MSP’s of tourism in Spain and to the development of Marine Strategies, obligatory compliance by 2019.


-Analysis of regulatory frameworks and spatial plans, directly or indirectly, of tourist activities in coastal and maritime areas of the Levantina-Balearic region.
-Analysis of tourist activities, leisure transport and cruises: spatial nature, conflicts and synergies.
-Analysis of maritime governance in tourism: Identification of examples of good practices.
-Training of public and private actors on the application of the MSP in tourism activities.
-To inform public and private actors on the opportunities of the MSP for the sustainable management of tourism in maritime areas with an ecosystem approach.
-Generate legal-political recommendations on the implementation of MSP’s in tourism activities.


-The project’s methodology, combining research, training and dissemination, will allow this work to be useful in the preparation process of MSP’s.


This project is part of the LIFE IP INTEMARES project “Integrated, innovative and participatory management of Red Natura 2000 network in the Spanish marine environment”.


All the actions and activities carried out within the framework of this project are supported by Ministry of Ecological Transition of Spain, through Fundación Biodiversidad.