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In eco-union we promote the transition towards sustainability and a more just society through on our own projects and the support to ideas and campaigns created by our partners and collaborators. We are committed to constant public action that transmits science-based knowledge to the citizens, policy and change makers in the entire Mediterranean region.

Barcelona Declaration: Facing Marine litter in the Mediterranean

In the frame of COP20 for the Barcelona Convention, the Mediterranean institutions and NGOs outline the Barcelona Commitment facing marine litter in the Mediterranean area for 2025. As citizens, citizen initiatives and NGOs, we call for waste prevention to reduce marine litter (in line with the Rio+20 §163 declaration, the Waste Hierarchy as outlined in the Waste Framework Directive and the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) objectives). Mediterranean was first Regional Sea Programme to develop a Regional plan on the management of Marine Litter in 2013. In the context of the Barcelona Convention and Mediterranean UNEP/MAP, we see it urgent to move in a much more ambitious and dedicated way towards a “Mediterranean without Plastics”.

Europe ambition 2030

Europe Ambition 2030 is a global initiative launched in 2017 by diverse European Civil Society Organizations to build a new vision for the European Union based on the values and objectives defined by the Agenda 2030.  

The members of the Europe Ambition 2030 coalition, including eco-union, drafted a “sixth scenario” for Europe titled “Transforming Our Europe”, building on the fact that the other scenarios advanced by the EU Commission have been generally considered unsatisfactory.

International conferences, debates and workshops are organized on a regular basis to promote this new vision for Europe.

Less cars more health

Barcelona has the highest density of vehicles per square kilometer of all European cities. Because of this, there is twice as much pollution as capital cities such as Paris or London. The aim of this campaign is to involve the public in order and pressure the Barcelona government to take the final steps towards joining other large municipalities in Europe that are leading the battle against pollution.
The Platform for la Qualitat de l’Aire, considers both the municipal government of the Barcelona City Council and the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona (AMB) in choosing to tackle this problem, put it on the political agenda, and raise awareness in the population.


In order to expand its impact, eco-union is an active partner of these networks: