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Collaborate with us

In order to continue our projects, grow and maximize our impact and results we need to expand our network of partners and collaborators.

In eco-union we base our work on the economic and human contributions that help us to develop our work.

We have the ambition that the more resources and the more people in our community, the closer we will be to achieving the goals that will bring us closer to a fairer social and ecological model for all.

If you can’t actively collaborate, help us to spread our work through social networks or share our publications with your contacts, all help is welcome!

Become a partner

Becoming an eco-union partner not only works towards the change to a green economy, but also emerges you in a young, cosmopolitan, and horizontal team.

What are the benefits of becoming an eco-union partner:

Participate in the decision-making bodies of an environmental association.

Collaborate as an activist in local and international networks (EEB, CAN, o3sac, Transport & Environment, MIO-ECSDE).

Volunteering in communication projects / campaigns / global eco forum.

Undertake pilot projects and / or research with eco-union support (eco-economy, blue economy, energy transition, sustainable tourism, environmental policies, sustainable mobility, air pollution, urban ecology).


Make a donation 

Support us if you believe in the need to strengthen independent organizations of civil society in their involvement in public policies and think that in order to connect networks and influence more ambitious and democratic changes, it is vital to create bridges between citizens, institutions and the private sector.

You can help a human scale partnership that strives daily to demonstrate that a green economy is the only way that we can sustain the economy without hurting the planet and society.

So, we appreciate your support.

We have the support of our partners to diversify the finances of our association. An association like ours is essential.

You can also make an eco-union transfer to the following number: ES55 3025 0001 1114 3333 4510 and then send us an email notification.

Thank you very much!