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eco-union is a non-profit organization whose aim is to promote the transition towards sustainability in Europe and the Mediterranean region.

Our projects are mainly linked to the development and implementation of public policies at different scales, with a focus on analysis and management, the training of professionals in environmental management, public advocacy for environmental policies and sustainable development, and the dissemination of knowledge about the transition towards a green and inclusive economy in the Mediterranean.

Our areas of work


       Energy and

   climate change

   Green and blue


aGovernance and
aa     policies

  Tourism, cities

  and mobilities

Our values

As an independent not-for-profit association, we define ourselves by the commitment, multi-disciplinarity and inter-culturality of our partners and collaborators to offer creative and lasting solutions to complex problems related to sustainability.

Scope of action

Our philosophy of action combines a global reflection on challenges and opportunities within the framework of sustainability with local action for social and economic improvement. Thanks to our extensive network of international partners, we operate mainly in Europe and the Mediterranean region.

Sustainable development

In recent years, humans have transformed the planet to meet the growing demands of food, water, raw materials and energy, generating a loss of biodiversity and altering the functioning of ecosystems vital to humanity.

In eco-union we seek solutions to find a balance between economic development, social welfare and protection of the environment with radical changes in our lifestyle and with the active participation of all sectors of society.

Our mission

Eco-union fosters a new environmental culture in people and organizations, through research, training and cooperation. It proposes to generate change agents among companies, institutions, administrations, opinion leaders, managers, professionals and citizens in general to catalyze the transition towards sustainability.

Our vision

Eco-union reflects the ambition of being a reference organization in the Euro-Mediterranean area in the transformation of society towards sustainability. Its ultimate goal is to ensure the well-being of current and future generations through the sustainable development of the planet.

Green economy

The inclusive green economy allows the protection of the environment, caring for people and ensuring collective well-being. Eco-union supports the transition of our economy towards sustainability by integrating the role of natural ecosystems, generating decent jobs and promoting socially responsible businesses.

Eco-union promotes research projects, sensitization, cooperation and training at local and international level: we are part of the Green Economy Coalition  and organize Global Eco Forum, Euro-Mediterranean meeting on sustainability.

Mobility and sustainable city

In eco-union we support the development of sustainable urban models based on low-carbon infrastructure and buildings; an efficient and rational use of water and energy; the reuse of waste in a circular economy; low carbon mobility based on public transport; and a diversified and inclusive economy.

eco-union leads this paradigm shift as an active partner of the European Environmental Bureau and elected member of the city council for the sustainability of the city of Barcelona. Among other initiatives, we organized the Energy, City & Climate Forum, within the Global Eco Forum   and participated in the European transport learning.

Energy and climate

In eco-union we look for durable and creative solutions to the mitigation and adaptation to climate change, the dissemination of renewable energies, the efficient use of water and raw materials in territories and organizations.

In this area, we participate in networks such as Climate Action NetworkEuropean Environmental Bureau y MIO-ECSDE. We organize the Energy, City & Climate Forum and the Blue Eco forum, within the Global eco Forum, as well as participate in the European project Gota.


In order to expand its impact, eco-union is an active partner of these networks: