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Land transport accounts for almost 40% of greenhouse gas emissions in cities


The lack of regional integration and the low diversification of the industrial sector are impeding equitable and inclusive development in the Mediterranean region

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#RailRenaissance – How can the EU Recovery and Resilience Funds contribute to the renaissance of European passenger rail transport?

By Uncategorized
The European Union has raised €672.5 billion in loans and grants to be distributed to Member States with the objective to incentivise reforms and investments which contribute to build a new post-pandemic economy and society. As expressed by the European Commission (EC) itself, the Recovery and Resilience Facility (RFF) aims to mitigate the economic and social impact of the coronavirus...
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Towards a Green, Resilient and Inclusive Recovery

By Governance and Policies, Green Economy
The monitoring and evaluation of the design, development and implementation of national recovery plans is key to guaranteeing their long-term social, economic and environmental impact. In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, governments have put in place programmes to steer the recovery of their economies. In parallel, several tracking initiatives have emerged that aim to monitor and evaluate the design,...
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Join the workshop on Global Just Transition(s): From sectoral transition to systemic transformation

By Governance and Policies
Join us in the workshop on Global Just Transition(s) "From sectoral transition to systemic transformation: Guiding just transition(s) from carbon intensive and dependent regions towards inclusive, prosperous and resilient economies, communities and societies". This workshop aims to place the concept of just transition within an overarching vision for just transformation, moving from sectoral or regional focused approaches towards a systemic...
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