This project will be focused on the analysis and evaluation of coastal and maritime tourism at the international level. After a study of the sector at the global and regional level, eco-union and its partners will develop scalable regional initiatives to reinforce maritime governance and environmental stewardship in the coastal and maritime sector.


• Analyse the most important environmental, economic and social impact of the cruising, hotel and ecotourism sector in coastal and maritime tourism
• Identify best practices of public and private actor for managing negative externalities and foster local, inclusive and sustainable development
• Identify enabling condition for integrated management of coastal and maritime tourism
• Formulate and develop concrete actions in concerned sectors to management environmental and social impacts and foster sustainable development


• Extensive review of scientific and grey literature
• Policy content analysis: analysis of ocean governance and tourism management plan in regional seas
• On the ground analysis: online semi-structured survey to relevant actors at the international, regional and local level (governmental representatives, multilateral governance actors, représentante of identified best practices)

Expected outcomes

The research findings are expected to contribute to the implementation of integrated ocean governance and tourism management by providing data and analysis of enabling frameworks to participants of the PROG FORUM, an initiative of regional seas. 

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