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The Blue Tourism Initiative is organizing a side event on the occasion of the United Nations’ 4th International Conference on Small Island Developing States (SIDS). This event will be held at the American University of Antigua (Room 9), St. John’s, Antigua (Caribbean), on May 29th from 12 to 1.30 PM.

Central to the event will be the presentation of a policy action diagnostic study «Unlocking community-based Blue Tourism in the Caribbean: trends, challenges, and policy pathways» conducted by our partner Caribbean Natural Resources Institute (CANARI). The study assesses current trends, risks, vulnerabilities, and opportunities for community-based blue tourism, and advances policy actions to better integrate community-based solutions for a more inclusive and sustainable blue tourism sector in the region.

This event aims to:
–  Provide illustrations of Community-Based Tourism (CBT) approaches, as well as opportunities and good practices for this as a pathway to an inclusive, environmentally sustainable, and climate-resilient tourism sector.
– Shared the priority short- and medium-term interventions for CBT in the Caribbean identified by CANARI in the policy action diagnostic study.
– Strengthening the regional dialogue between the participants on strategies and actions to support the adoption and scaling out of sustainable CBT approaches in the Caribbean.
– Foster networking opportunities and lead to new partnerships and initiatives across blue tourism stakeholders in the Caribbean and cross-regional. These networking opportunities will enhance the bridge between community-based tourism and policies and governance landscape.

The debate’s outcomes will be translated into a policy brief informing relevant stakeholders in the Caribbean and beyond.