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The Blue Tourism Initiative —led by eco-union and IDDRI, in association with CORDIO East Africa, IUCN and the Caribbean Natural Resources Institute— has published its gobal flagship report: Towards Sustainable Blue Tourism: Trends, Challenges and Policy Pathways.

The publication promotes a holistic vision of maritime and coastal management in line with worldwide efforts to deliver the 2030 Agenda around marine regions. It also aims to improve the governance of coastal and marine tourism to ensure sustainable, inclusive and resilient development, and address the associated environmental, health, sociocultural and economic challenges.

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The launching event of the new report will be on June 20th, at 2:30 pm, CEST. We will hold an interactive online workshop that will be an opportunity to share experiences, and engage in discussions surrounding opportunities, challenges, and pathways to improve the sustainability of coastal and maritime tourism.

Don’t miss out on this event and contribute to shaping the future of sustainable travel.

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