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Event organized in the context of the Spanish presidency of the Council of the European Union.

Next September 21st, in Barcelona, the event “Towards a low-carbon, inclusive and healthy mobility in Europe” will take place, to debate with representatives from several Member States, the European Commission, the industry sector, and civil society organizations, the necessary and pressing decarbonisation of transport at national and EU level.
The event is scheduled on the occasion of the informal ministerial meeting on Transport that will take place in Barcelona on the 21st and 22nd of September. It is promoted by the Civil Society coalition for a Climate-ambitious Spanish Presidency of the EU Council (coordinated by Fundación Conama and Eco-Union), with special support from CC.OO., ConBici, ECODES, Promoció del Transport Públic (PTP), Transport & Environment, UGT, Alianza Ibérica por el Ferrocarril and ISGlobal.

The decarbonisation of transport, which represents around ⅓ of total CO2 emissions equivalent, is crucial to meet the climate targets set at the European and national levels. The Fit for 55 climate package, at its final negotiation stage, is a unique opportunity to reduce the environmental impacts associated to mobility and thus implementing the European Green Deal. In this respect, during the Spanish presidency of the Council of the European Union there are still key transport files that are being negotiated, which represents the last opportunity to move forward the climate agenda on transport before entering into the European elections in 2024.


During the event, a number of experts will address the decarbonization of transport from their perspectives and work related to the climate and transport agenda.

First of all, in the first discussion on promoting a green, inclusive, and efficient European rail network to decarbonize long-distance and cross-border passengers and freight mobility, key sector actors will share their perspectives on how to promote a more ecological, inclusive, and efficient mobility in Europe based on the development of long-distance and cross-border passengers and freight railway services.

Secondly, the discussion on ensuring clean air through green mobility for all European citizens, will host experts from different sectors to reflect upon important environmental and transport files such as the revision of the Ambient Air Quality Directives, the new Euro 7 standards to reduce pollutant emissions from vehicles, the revision of the Regulation on CO2 emission standards for heavy-duty vehicles or the push for a European Cycling Strategy, and its crucial role to tackle air pollution and prevent 238.000 premature deaths a year, according to the European Environment Agency.

The event will mostly be in English, without simultaneous interpretation.

Read the Conference Summary here