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The TIPPING+ project, a Horizon 2020 endeavor dedicated to advancing the scientific understanding of Social-Ecological Tipping Points (SETPs) in support of clean-energy transitions in Coal and Carbon Intensive Regions (CCIRs), has just published five new policy briefs that provide valuable insights and recommendations for navigating this critical concept.

These policy briefs represent a collaborative effort by esteemed experts and researchers involved in the TIPPING+ project. Their goal is to contribute to the successful transformation of CCIRs into sustainable, clean-energy hubs. Each policy brief addresses key aspects related to Social-Ecological Tipping Points and offers practical strategies for facilitating clean-energy transitions.

They serve as valuable resources for policymakers, industry professionals, academics, and stakeholders involved in clean-energy transitions and regional development.

Below you can read or download the newly published briefs:

An overview of the 5 policy briefs is also available, providing a comprehensive cross-cutting synthesis of the key policy insights derived from the EU-funded TIPPING+ project.