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“Robust national climate governance can foster the enabling conditions for national leadership in delivering the EU’s objectives on climate neutrality and the rule of law. Failing to address the national ownership gap in the ongoing “Fit for 55” negotiations exposes the EU’s climate mandate and carbon pricing mechanism to a backlash on climate actions. It could also energise opponents and destabilise political leadership when it needs to ramp up the most. “

In this joint paper, 16 civil society organisations are calling policymakers to put forward proposals to consolidate the State’s role as an indispensable actor in leading and delivering transformational climate action at the national level. The revision of the ESR/CARE can make the existing policies fit not just for 55% – but for climate neutrality. It also provides a pathway to include amendments to the Governance Regulation, so that EU rules on national planning align with the challenges of policymaking for transformational and societal change.

Thus, the letter seeks to answer the following question: Are existing EU rules governing national climate targets and arrangements for policy management still fit for purpose?



The signatory organizations, amongst which eco-union is included, are displayed below.