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The ECODES foundation and the eco-union association have signed a collaboration agreement to strengthen relations, cooperate institutionally and deepen a strategic alliance in order to promote a green, inclusive and ambitious recovery in Spain and the Europe-Mediterranean region. Considering the current situation of climate emergency and post-covid reconstruction, ECODES and eco-union recognize that the environmental and social challenges faced are enormous and they demand from all actors a spirit of cooperation, summation and alliances.

Both entities state that, in the face of the multiple crises we are experiencing (health, economic, social and climate), the green recovery of the economy can and must generate quality employment and contribute decisively to the construction of a resilient, inclusive and prosperous society. The reconstruction plan recently approved by the European Council is a solid basis for transforming our economy and society, but it must be implemented taking into account responsibility, equity and sustainability criteria, through projects with a high social and environmental impact. All institutional, economic and social actors must actively cooperate to ensure the proper execution of these massive investments so that they lead to real social benefits in the medium and long term.

For these reasons, both entities have agreed to cooperate strategically and operationally to optimize the use of their resources and to increase the social impact that each entity is able to make individually. Both entities share the same transformative vision, common projects and an aligned work philosophy. This new stage of strategic cooperation will amplify the impact of both entities and, ultimately, enhance their usefulness to our society.

It is time for alliances.

eco-union is an independent environmental association that works to accelerate the ecological transition of the Euro-Mediterranean region through the promotion of a greener, more responsible and inclusive economy. + info: – Laia Segura,  

ECODES is a foundation whose mission is to seek accomplices and build alliances to accelerate the transition to a carbon-neutral, circular and inclusive economy. + info  – Alicia Maestre, tel: 690052897