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The European Environmental Bureau (EEB) has just published a Memorandum to the Spanish Presidency of the EU, with Ten Green Tests for the incoming presidency.

As Spain assumes the 6-month Council Presidency of the EU this July, it finds itself facing significant challenges, including the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian conflict and the energy and inflation crises gripping the region.

With these pressing concerns in mind, Spain must seize the opportunity to spearhead the implementation of the European Green Deal. This ambitious initiative holds the key to bolstering the EU’s energy independence, propelling the transition towards a future powered by 100% renewable energy, free from pollution. Moreover, Spain must prioritize the implementation of energy-saving measures and commit to the restoration of nature.

According to the EEB’s Assessment of the Swedish Presidency, the advances under the outgoing Swedish presidency fell short, since there was poor progress across most environmental files, with disappointing performance for health and environment, but with some progress on climate and energy files.

Spain has now the chance to pave the way for a more sustainable and prosperous Europe, thus creating a better future for all Europeans.

Read the Memorandum to the Spanish Presidency of the EU