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The EU is currently facing many challenges, not least of them the increase of energy bills, the threats to its energy supply and climate change. A key action to address these problems is to reduce our use of fossil fuels. The targets Member States are currently proposing for renewable energy are not in line with what is needed to fight climate change and ensure energy security and stability in the long run. The said targets are lower than what was set in the EU Commission’s REPowerEU package put forward in response to the war in Ukraine. 

87% of Europeans think “the EU should invest massively in renewable energies such as solar and wind”, which shows there is an important support for an energy transition that would ensure affordable and secure energy as well as protect the climate.

Along with over a 100 businesses and NGOs, we signed a joint statement asking EU Energy Ministers to commit to 50% renewable energy and 20% energy efficiency targets for 2030. Last year the record growth of wind and solar power installed in the EU saved €11 billion on fossil gas. The statement was sent to all 27 EU Energy Ministers by Patagonia Europe. As the EU Energy Ministers are meeting on 19 December, we are asking for them to reconsider their position on the Fit for 55 files. 

Setting binding 2030 targets of 50% sustainable renewables in the energy mix and a 20% increase in energy efficiency will accelerate the transition away from expensive and unsustainable fossil fuels, greatly reduce energy prices and volatility, and stimulate our economies with new jobs. We need higher ambition for our energy transition