A new initiative to tackle the environmental impact of tourism mobility

Transport emissions represent around 25% of the European Union’s total greenhouse gas emissions, reaching up to 29% in Spain, one of the leading tourist countries with more than 83 millions of international visitors every year. It is therefore high time to progress with a modal shift from aviation and road towards cleaner transport modes and sustainable travel patterns.

Rail is one of the greenest modes of transport, with less than 0.4% of transport-related greenhouse gas emissions and a steadily improved energy efficiency, and plays a key role in terms of sustainable mobility. However, despite being a central part of the solution, it is still very little used in the context of both medium/long-distance mobility and cross-border mobility.

A shift towards a greener tourism mobility calls for a renewal of the rail sector, going beyond high speed rail, with the development of cross-border connections, the return of night trains and an investment in conventional rail.

With the Viaja en Verde initiative, we intend to engage with key stakeholders, raise awareness of policy/decision makers from the tourism and transport sector, and promote institutional and corporate commitment towards the use of railways for business and leisure mobility.

For more information, visit the project website: https://viajaenverde.eu/