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We are thrilled to present the Autumn-Winter edition of our Newsletter, packed with green insights and sustainability highlights.

In the wake of COP28 in Dubai, a monumental step toward a fossil-free future, we explore the delicate dance between global interests and the imperative for swift, collective action. The real catalysts for change, we emphasize, reside in the hands of citizens, businesses, and governments worldwide.

Our projects update takes you on a quick tour of impactful initiatives, including the “Barcelona Zero Emissions Destination”, “Blue Tourism Initiative,” or “Rethinking Barcelona Tourism” projects, all contributing to a more sustainable and resilient world. Dive into our newest venture, “+ Resilient Tourism,” as we unveil a methodology for climate-resilient tourism in Spain. Plus, join the Sustainable Travel Policy Pledge with “Viaja en Verde” and commit to reducing the environmental footprint of travel.

In the world of eco-union news, witness the collaboration in the “Activating SMEs x CLIMATE and RESILIENCE Pact” and stand with us as we raise concerns about the draft National Energy and Climate Plans in Europe. Our radar captures the latest global, European, and local climate news, ensuring you stay on top of developments. Finally, we suggest you mark your calendars for upcoming events like the 2nd UfM Stakeholder Conference and the Growth vs Climate Conference.

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