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The latest edition of eco-union’s Newsletter is now available. It provides an insightful snapshot of our ongoing endeavors and the current state of pressing environmental issues. As the summer heat envelops the Northern hemisphere, we find ourselves in a critical period where environmental concerns demand our immediate attention. Our newsletter serves as a platform to delve into these issues, spotlighting challenges, initiatives, and events that shape our collective journey towards a sustainable future.

What will you find in our Summer Newsletter?

Editorial: navigating a changing climate landscape

In the wake of an ever-changing climate, our editorial takes a closer look at the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. The scorching summer has brought to the forefront unprecedented climate events, from raging wildfires to shifting landscapes. In this context, we explore the crucial role of collaboration at local, regional, and global levels in combating climate change and fostering resilience. Join us as we delve into the urgent need for coordinated efforts to ensure a sustainable future for generations to come.

Projects update: paving the way for positive change

eco-union’s commitment to sustainable solutions is showcased through our diverse range of projects. From the innovative Barcelona Zero Emissions Destination initiative that champions sustainable tourism mobility to the far-reaching Blue Tourism Initiative that tackles challenges in maritime and coastal tourism, our projects are making a tangible impact. Our dedication extends to advocating for a greener future through initiatives like “Remobilitzem el turisme,” and Viaja en Verde, which foster sustainable tourism practices and low-carbon travel options. Explore the strides we’ve taken in our mission to inspire positive change.

eco-union news and global perspectives

In our eco-union news section, discover the latest updates on our leadership’s contributions to climate action networks and forums. Meanwhile, our “Hot News, Articles & Publications” segment offers handpicked insights from around the globe. We delve into global temperature trends, explore Earth’s system boundaries, uncover the impact of fossil fuel subsidies, and highlight the disparities between air and train travel costs. We also zone in on the Mediterranean, Spain and Catalonia.

Engaging events on the horizon

Mark your calendars for upcoming events that promise to further enrich your understanding of sustainable practices and climate action. An informal ministerial meeting on transport in Barcelona and the Climate & Energy Summit in Madrid offer unparalleled opportunities to engage with experts and enthusiasts alike.

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