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15 NGOs call upon the EU Commission to unlock the potential of MDMS to reduce GHG emissions and the climate impact of aviation

To support the European Green Deal, the MDMS Regulation must enable consumers to seamlessly combine low carbon transport modes such as rail and bus across borders. One of the barriers faced by consumers to travel cross-border by rail is the lack of ticket information shared by rail operators to booking platforms, forcing them to do burdensome multiple ticket bookings. This is particularly relevant to business travelers, who are increasingly looking for more sustainable travel options, but often encounter obstacles. They must too often use booking tools showing mainly flight options.

The initial goal of MDMS was to solve this issue. But, for the past two months, the EU Commission’s DG MOVE has seemed to willingly reduce the ambition of this file, despite the much-needed evolution required. DG MOVE’s latest option to exclude cross-border journeys from MDMS is totally incompatible with the objectives of the European Green Deal and will restrict the ability of climate-conscious consumers to shift from air to rail transport.

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