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Manifesto for the European elections

In a significant stride towards addressing the pressing global climate crisis, CAN Europe unveiled its Manifesto for a Fossil-Free, Socially Just, and Climate-Neutral Union during its recent General Assembly held last week. This manifesto outlines crucial principles and objectives aimed at ushering in a sustainable and environmentally conscious future.

Key Principles of the Manifesto:

  • Scale up action to deal with the Climate Emergency
  • Deliver a Fossil-Free, 100% renewable based energy system
  • Reorient the economy to deliver a socio-ecological transformation within planetary boundaries’
  • Strengthen democracy and civic participation

CAN-E is actively sharing the manifesto among influential bodies, including political groups in the European Parliament, European political parties, and civil society organizations in Brussels. This dissemination effort aims to garner support and encourage collective action towards realizing the goals outlined in the manifesto.

Read or download the manifesto