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On the 14 of November, eco-union participated in a COP27 side-event held online at the European Pavilion. This event, “Coal and Carbon Intensive Regions in Transition(s) in Europe and Beyond”, discussed the learnings from different EU-funded research and implementation projects (Tipping +, Cintran, Entrances, Tracer) on how to accelerate the just energy transitions in Coal and Carbon Intensive Regions (CCIRs) towards greener and more inclusive societies. 

This session, opened by Jérémie Fosse, president of eco-union, allowed a broad discussion on transitions, their barriers, drivers and opportunities in the context of ongoing climate and energy policies and geopolitical, environmental and governance tensions. It addressed transformations in CCIRs, structural changes, the complexity of the dynamics, the pace of the transformation, as well as the regional capacities to adapt and to cope with the transition.

One key message from the event was the necessity to improve stakeholders’ engagement, with the emphasis that a lot can be achieved right now if we find the right stakeholders to integrate knowledge and put it into action.

  • Read or download the report of the event here and the slides displayed by the speakers here.
  • The recording of the session is also available here