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Spanish organizations within the Climate Action Network Europe, including eco-union, present a report for the proper deployment of renewable energies.

Accelerating the deployment of renewable energies, primarily solar and wind, along with associated infrastructure, is imperative, but it must be done inclusively and strategically. Public participation, local involvement, and the protection and restoration of biodiversity are key components for renewable energy development. This should be done in combination with the review of unjustified legal restrictions, proper territorial planning, and the identification of areas that minimize impact on biodiversity and optimize synergies with biodiversity restoration. Additionally, there is a need to digitalize authorization procedures and hire more administrative staff for local administrations.

Considering these aspects, CAN Europe has published a report that provides an overview of policies and the regulatory landscape related to the processing of renewables in different EU countries (Czechia, Estonia, Germany, Lithuania, Portugal, and Romania). The report draws attention to the need for proper monitoring and a much more people and biodiversity-focused implementation.

Read or download the report