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We need a quantum leap in EU economic and fiscal governance for a future-fit economy

Towards the end of October, the Commission will present a proposal for a revised economic policy, including rules on how governments can borrow and spend on social and environmental causes. Ahead of the publication, 180 unions, civil society, think tanks and academics have come together to call for a new set of principles which aim at an economy that works for us all, scales up green public investment and promote human and planet wellbeing.

The open letter by the Fiscal Matters coalition outlines a vision of a reformed EU economic governance framework that targets the roots of the social and ecological crises. It highlights a crucial time for transformative change in EU policy through adopting a Sustainability and Wellbeing Pact and a new EU fiscal framework that would enable a truly fair, sustainable, and future-fit economy.

We are calling upon European leaders to ensure the following principles are at the core of the reform:

  • Build a future-proof economy with jobs for all
  • Fill the green funding gap and make Europe energy independent from fossil fuels
  • Reinvest in public services and social protection
  • Target human, economic and environmental well-being

Read or download our open letter on fiscal reform here.