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On 17 May 2024, the General Assembly of EuroMeSCo convened in Brussels and made a significant decision to incorporate eco-union as a full member of the EuroMeSCo network. This inclusion marks a pivotal moment for both entities, enhancing collaboration and fostering sustainable development initiatives across the Euro-Mediterranean region.

The addition of eco-union to EuroMeSCo highlights the network’s continuous dedication to addressing global challenges through collaborative approaches. eco-union, known for its dedicated efforts in promoting environmental sustainability and green economy, brings a wealth of expertise to the network, which will strengthen its capacity to address pressing environmental challenges and support policy dialogues aimed at sustainable development.

EuroMeSCo, the Euro-Mediterranean Study Commission, is a leading network of research institutes and think tanks in the Euro-Mediterranean area. By welcoming eco-union, it reaffirms its commitment to inclusive and impactful cooperation among its member organizations, driving forward shared goals of environmental sustainability and regional stability.