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We are thrilled to announce that eco-union has been accredited as an official Observer by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). This accreditation is a significant milestone for us, as it grants us direct participation in various working groups and events at both regional (Europe) and global levels. Previously, we participated as a partner of EEB, but this new status elevates our engagement and influence within UNEP’s framework.

Accreditation under Rule 70 of the rules of procedure of the United Nations Environment Assembly of UNEP opens up a world of opportunities for our organization. Here’s what it means for us and how it benefits our mission:

🌿 Enhanced participation: Accreditation serves as the primary entry point for Major Groups and Stakeholders into policy dialogue at UNEP. It enables us to actively contribute to discussions and decision-making processes on environmental issues.

🌍 Regional engagement: We have the privilege to participate in Regional Consultation Meetings, where we can engage with stakeholders in our region to prepare for the United Nations Environment Assembly.

📝 Contribution to policy: Accredited organizations like ours can contribute to the preparation of Regional Civil Society Statements, shaping UNEP’s policies and initiatives.

📑 Access to information: We receive unedited working documents of the United Nations Environment Assembly simultaneously with the Committee of the Permanent Representatives (CPR), enabling us to stay informed and provide timely input.

🗣️ Voice in discussions: We can submit written contributions to these documents for distribution to governments and participate in public meetings, including the Committee of Permanent Representatives and the Global Major Groups and Stakeholders Forum.

– During the United Nations Environment Assembly sessions:

📊 Plenary sessions participation: We have the privilege to attend plenary sessions of the Committee of the Whole and Ministerial Consultations as observers, allowing us to exchange views and interact directly with governments.

📜 Statement circulation: We can circulate written statements to governments through the UNEP secretariat, ensuring our perspectives are heard and considered.

🎙️ Oral statements: Accredited organizations can make oral statements during the discussions of the United Nations Environmental Assembly of UNEP, providing a platform to advocate for our causes.

This accreditation marks a significant step forward in our commitment to environmental advocacy and sustainability. We look forward to leveraging this status to drive positive change and contribute meaningfully to global environmental governance.

Stay tuned for updates on our participation and contributions to UNEP’s vital work in protecting our planet for future generations.