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eco-union will be participating in Plan Bleu‘s upcoming workshop titled “Harmful Subsidies and the Mediterranean: Balancing Environmental Sustainability, Economy, and Equity,” scheduled for January 30, 2024, in Marseille.

Why are harmful subsidies a global concern?
Environmental harmful subsidies have become a significant global issue, disrupting the delicate balance of our planet’s ecology. These financial incentives, provided by governments to boost their economies, often result in unintended ecological consequences. Such subsidies can promote practices that worsen resource depletion, pollution, and overall ecosystem degradation. This problem is especially pertinent for Mediterranean countries, renowned for their biodiversity, delicate marine ecosystems, and their crucial role in climate regulation.

eco-union’s contribution: Measuring progress and accountability in phasing out environmental harmful subsidies
In response to Plan Bleu’s Call for Papers in October 2023, eco-union submitted a proposal entitled “Measuring Progress and Accountability in Phasing Out Environmental Harmful Subsidies: A Comprehensive Framework for the Mediterranean region.” We are proud to share that our proposal has been selected among the eight chosen for funding.

The Workshop – An opportunity for dialogue and progress
The upcoming workshop will provide a platform for authors, including Roberta Milo and Jérémie Fosse from eco-union, to present their preliminary work. It is an excellent opportunity to receive valuable feedback from both participants and the Plan Bleu team. These discussions will play a pivotal role in refining and strengthening the papers, which will be compiled into an “Edited Volume” by Plan Bleu post-event.