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As board member of the European Environmental Bureau (EEB), eco-union reaffirms its endorsement on EEB’s new position paper (linked below) on the response to the Coronavirus crisis. In such a situation, we think it is particularly relevant to show that environmental NGOs are ready for the post-crisis situation.

Como miembro de la junta de la Oficina Europea del Medio Ambiente (EEB por sus siglas en inglés), eco-union reafirma su apoyo al nuevo documento de posición de la EEB (enlazado abajo) sobre la respuesta a la crisis del Coronavirus. En esta situación, creemos que es particularmente relevante mostrar que las ONGs ambientales están preparadas para afrontar la situación posterior a la crisis.

Turning fear into hope: Corona crisis measures to help build a better future

In these difficult times, we believe that it is important to turn fear into hope by choosing Corona crisis measures to help build a better future. We need to be ambitious and we need to make the right decisions at the right time. We believe our leaders must get the following five things right in the coming weeks:

  1. Develop the European Green Deal as a ‘greenprint’ for a better future
  2. Avoid throwing good money after bad
  3. Ensure good governance and democratic accountability
  4. Step up cooperation across borders
  5. Share a vision for a better future

The position paper gives details on each. It builds on feedback gathered from EEB members during the webinar held on 31 March and via email as well as discussions in EEB working groups and input from EEB staff.