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Today we unveiled our latest report, a collaborative effort between our organization, the Association for the Promotion of Public Transport (PTP) and the Sustainable and Safe Mobility Foundation (FMSS). This significant milestone was achieved within the framework of the “Barcelona Zero Emissions Destination” project, funded by the Barcelona City Council’s Climate Plan.

The report we presented is a comprehensive research endeavor, compiling data on the current state of tourism activity in our city, along with the resulting emissions and potential scenarios of modal shift. [Executive Summary in English available here].

The event commenced with a speech delivered by Xavier Suñol, the Director of Tourism, Events, and Creative Industries at the Barcelona City Council. He emphasized the vital role of citizens and organizations in driving such transformative initiatives, providing invaluable data that serves as a foundation for designing effective public policies.

Gerard Codina, researcher and project officer at eco-union, and Pau Noy, president of the Sustainable and Safe Mobility Foundation, then delivered an insightful presentation summarizing the key findings, conclusions, and actionable recommendations from the report.

Daniel Pi, coordinator of PTP’s technical office, proceeded to elucidate the forthcoming prospects of the project, including details about the ongoing dissemination phase that commenced today. This phase will feature three webinars dedicated to engaging the tourism sector, citizens, and administration, fostering broader awareness and involvement.

Following the presentations, an interactive question and answer session enlivened the atmosphere as the audience actively participated. The session culminated with a compelling closing speech delivered by Jérémie Fosse, president of eco-union. In his address, he underscored Barcelona’s potential to champion the Zero Emissions Destination brand, highlighting the city’s ample resources for the endeavor. Nevertheless, he earnestly emphasized the indispensable requirement for unwavering political commitment and proactive promotion of the transition towards decarbonization.


> Read or download the full report (in Catalan)

> The recording of the session is available at this link.