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French-Spanish passenger trains: an opportunity for modal shift

Eco-union, in collaboration with RAC France, has launched a new report that aims to compile and assess the state of the French-Spanish passenger trains, with a particular focus on medium and long-distance —night and day— cross-border connections. The sector of transportation is responsible for an important part of CO2 emissions and therefore offers considerable potential when trying to reach the…
31 October, 2022
NewsSustainable Mobility

The renaissance of rail lines between Portugal and Spain is taking time

Eco-union, in collaboration with Zero, has produced a new report that aims to bring together updated information regarding the Portuguese-Spanish passenger train connections on medium to long distance cross-border night and day lines.  It intends to understand the current state of play of Portuguese-Spanish passenger rail connections; what is the potential for the main mobility corridors between the two countries;…
26 October, 2022
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Travel industry and civil society calling to shift to rail

European actors of the rail and travel sector, rail industry, civil society and passengers associations call on European Institutions and Member states to take bold actions now to achieve a climate-friendly transport system by 2030. Their call was presented at the Connecting Europe Days in Lyon, by Europe on Rail on the Panel “Boosting Passenger Rail Transport” (15:00h-16:30h CET).  “The…
1 July, 2022