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NewsRenewable Energies

Fairer and faster permitting for a successful European renewable energy transition

Spanish organizations within the Climate Action Network Europe, including eco-union, present a report for the proper deployment of renewable energies. Accelerating the deployment of renewable energies, primarily solar and wind, along with associated infrastructure, is imperative, but it must be done inclusively and strategically. Public participation, local involvement, and the protection and restoration of biodiversity are key components for renewable…
8 November, 2023
Governance and PoliciesNews

Manifesto for a fossil-free, socially just, and climate-neutral union

Manifesto for the European elections In a significant stride towards addressing the pressing global climate crisis, CAN Europe unveiled its Manifesto for a Fossil-Free, Socially Just, and Climate-Neutral Union during its recent General Assembly held last week. This manifesto outlines crucial principles and objectives aimed at ushering in a sustainable and environmentally conscious future. Key Principles of the Manifesto: Scale…
30 October, 2023
Energy and Climate ChangeNews

REPowerEU Tracker support Energy Transition

CEE Bankwatch, together with, just published the REPowerEU tracker: nested under the Public Financing Tracker page, the tracker analyses the REPowerEU chapters of 15 Member States (with plans to be expanded to all EU27). eco-union has contributed to the assessment of the situation in Spain. The Recovery and Resilience Plans have been analyzed along the following three criteria: 1) transparency…
20 October, 2023
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EU elections 2024: full speed or full stop?

10 proposals to put European transport on track towards a safe, prosperous and climate neutral future   In June 2024 millions of Europeans will cast their vote for the next European Parliament, laying their hopes and ideas for the future into the hands of 700+ decision makers from 27 member states. Europe’s last 5 years of law-making have shown leadership…
10 October, 2023

Now available: our Newsletter’s summer edition

The latest edition of eco-union's Newsletter is now available. It provides an insightful snapshot of our ongoing endeavors and the current state of pressing environmental issues. As the summer heat envelops the Northern hemisphere, we find ourselves in a critical period where environmental concerns demand our immediate attention. Our newsletter serves as a platform to delve into these issues, spotlighting…
16 August, 2023
Climate ChangeGovernance and PoliciesNews

Joint NGO letter urges President von der Leyen to address methane

A coalition of environmental organizations, including eco-union, has come together to issue a joint letter to President von der Leyen, urgently urging her to use the upcoming State of the Union address as a platform to address one of the most critical and overlooked climate threats: the rapid increase in global methane emissions. The undersigned organizations express their gratitude for…
1 August, 2023
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Inclusive citizenship in a world in transformation

A new EU-funded research project On 6th and 7th of March 2023 eco-union is in Lisboa attending the kick-off meeting of the new EU-funded project INCITE-DEM. The project aims at enhancing inclusive participation and civic engagement, while expanding democratic innovation and dynamic feedback mechanisms between citizens and institutional actors in Europe. Based on high quality research, the project will experiment…
7 March, 2023

eco-union at the COP27

The expectations are high for the 2022 International Climate Talks. After a tremendously difficult 3 years which have seen the COVID pandemic, war in Ukraine, economic and fossil fuel energy crisis, the whole world and European countries in particular have made multiple setbacks on fossil fuels. These two weeks in Sharm El-Sheikh could deeply influence what the future will look like.…
7 November, 2022
NewsSustainable Mobility

The renaissance of rail lines between Portugal and Spain is taking time

Eco-union, in collaboration with Zero, has produced a new report that aims to bring together updated information regarding the Portuguese-Spanish passenger train connections on medium to long distance cross-border night and day lines.  It intends to understand the current state of play of Portuguese-Spanish passenger rail connections; what is the potential for the main mobility corridors between the two countries;…
26 October, 2022
Governance and PoliciesGreen EconomyNewsSustainable Development

EU’s economic rules must allow for the necessary spending on people and climate

We need a quantum leap in EU economic and fiscal governance for a future-fit economy Towards the end of October, the Commission will present a proposal for a revised economic policy, including rules on how governments can borrow and spend on social and environmental causes. Ahead of the publication, 180 unions, civil society, think tanks and academics have come together…
17 October, 2022