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The shame of flying and the future of cross-border trains

The European Union and national governments can contribute to the achievement of climate objectives by promoting direct cross-border trains, a common reservation system and investment in rail infrastructure.January 20, 2020.- The European environmental organizations belonging to Europe on Rail, a project represented in Spain by ECODES and eco-union, ask the European Union and national governments for measures to strengthen international…
19 January, 2021
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A blue Solidarity Economy for a Sustainable Mediterranean

On the 1st of December, the 2020 Edition of the Blue Eco Forum was held on-line, co-organized by eco-union and IesMed . This year’s edition was focused on the Blue Solidarity Economy (BSE), a new concept and field of action that merges the opportunities of the Sustainable Blue Economy with the benefits of the Social and Solidarity Economy. Based on…
4 December, 2020
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ECODES and Eco-union support the European call for a renaissance of rail transport

Promoting the railway to achieve the climate objectives and to structure the territory!   The European Green Deal aims to reduce transport emissions by 90% by 2050. This objective requires shifting a considerable part of air and road transport to the railways, which are currently the cleanest means of passenger transport. 47% of passengers travelling from EU airports travel to…
21 September, 2020
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The ECODES foundation and the eco-union association are developing a strategic alliance for the post-covid world

The ECODES foundation and the eco-union association have signed a collaboration agreement to strengthen relations, cooperate institutionally and deepen a strategic alliance in order to promote a green, inclusive and ambitious recovery in Spain and the Europe-Mediterranean region. Considering the current situation of climate emergency and post-covid reconstruction, ECODES and eco-union recognize that the environmental and social challenges faced are…
2 August, 2020
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Eco-union co-organizes an international workshop on Designing inclusive energy futures

Care about designing inclusive energy futures? Join our e-workshop on 29 April 2020! Are you interested in the inclusiveness of collective energy production and consumption? Do you want to learn more on energy inclusiveness, discuss your practical challenges or share your knowledge with peers & experts in the field? Apply before Thursday 23rd April 2020 and get the chance to…
17 April, 2020
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Corona crisis measures to help build a better future

As board member of the European Environmental Bureau (EEB), eco-union reaffirms its endorsement on EEB’s new position paper (linked below) on the response to the Coronavirus crisis. In such a situation, we think it is particularly relevant to show that environmental NGOs are ready for the post-crisis situation. Como miembro de la junta de la Oficina Europea del Medio Ambiente (EEB…
16 April, 2020
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Eco-union asks for a just response to COVID-19

From our organization we want to show our support and align ourselves with the following statements regarding the COVID-19 pandemic: - CSO statement (see here) on principles for a just response to COVID-19 (led by, recently signed by eco-union - Joint NGO letter (see here) of Brussels based environmental groups to the European Commission urging for a green recovery…
25 March, 2020
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Zero waste on beaches, a solution to fight plastics in the Mediterranean Sea

In the Mediterranean Sea, 80% of marine litter comes from land-based sources and 80% is plastic. It is estimated that on average 250,000 different pieces of waste per square kilometre are dumped on beaches every day during the tourist season. The Zero Beach project, coordinated by Rezero and eco-union, and co-financed by the Catalan Waste Agency and Bemed, has shown…
11 February, 2020
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Looking towards 2020: A decisive year for the planet, our society and our common future

2019 has left us with mixed feelings. On the positive side, climate change and the protection of our fragile planet has been a global trending topic for citizens, mass media, and even (some) decision-makers, thanks to Greta Thunberg, the climate strikes and two major scientific reports: IPCC on climate and IPBES on biodiversity. The very bad news is that the…
14 January, 2020
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New Horizon 2020 research project on European Climate transition

The consortium, lead by the Global Climate Forum, will start mid-2020 a new research project called TIPPING+ on Enabling Positive Tipping Points towards clean-energy transitions in Coal and Carbon Intensive Regions (CCIR). eco-union will be mainly responsible for stakeholders engagement and dissemination activities. Total amount of the project is around 3 millions and will last for 3 years (2020-2023). Why…
14 January, 2020