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Green Transition

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Connecting the Spanish and Belgian EU Presidencies for a Just Green Transition

Following the civil society workshop titled "Connecting the Spanish and Belgian EU Presidencies for a Just Green Transition," held in Brussels on January 23rd, 2024, the comprehensive summary of the conference is now available for public access. This collaborative event brought together representatives from Spanish, Belgian, and European Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) actively engaged in the European climate and environmental…
2 February, 2024
EventsGovernance and PoliciesGreen Transition

Civil Society Workshop: Connecting the Spanish and Belgian EU Presidencies for a Just Green Transition

The rotating presidency of the Council of the European Union (the so-called EU Presidency) is an opportunity for the country in charge to contribute to the advancement of the common EU agenda while supporting specific priorities and topics relevant at a national and European level. The Spanish Presidency, from July to December of 2023, has managed to finalize most of…
23 January, 2024
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Statement to the Ministers at COP23 of the Barcelona Convention

Green transition in the Mediterranean: From decisions to actions The Mediterranean Information Office for Environment, Culture and Sustainable Development (MIO-ECSDE), its member NGOs —including eco-union—, and other MAP Partners delivered a joint statement at the 23rd Meeting (COP23) of the Contracting Parties to the Barcelona Convention and its Protocols, which took place on 5-8 December 2023 in Portorož (Slovenia). The…
11 December, 2023
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Just Transition: A new social contract for the wellbeing of people and the planet

Several European stakeholders, mainly civil society organisations, think tanks and social economy enterprises, including eco-union, have published a Call to Action to the European Ministers for Environment and Energy gathered in Valladolid, Spain, on 10-11 July, as well as on other EU and national level decisionmakers, to complement the implementation of urgently needed, ambitious environmental and climate policies with robust…
11 July, 2023
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Spanish Presidency of the Council of the European Union

An ambitious presidency for a resilient Europe eco-union, together with other environmental organisations, has produced a position paper calling on the Spanish government to set an agenda that meets the urgent needs of decarbonisation during its term in the Presidency of the EU Council. The Fit for 55 package gives us the opportunity to put the European Union at the…
23 December, 2022
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eco-union at the COP27

The expectations are high for the 2022 International Climate Talks. After a tremendously difficult 3 years which have seen the COVID pandemic, war in Ukraine, economic and fossil fuel energy crisis, the whole world and European countries in particular have made multiple setbacks on fossil fuels. These two weeks in Sharm El-Sheikh could deeply influence what the future will look like.…
7 November, 2022
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Financing the sustainable development of the Mediterranean

eco-union, together with IEMed, developed a briefing on Green and Climate Finance in the Euro-Mediterranean region that tackles the following topics: 1. Green Finance: concept and situation 2. State of Green Finance in the Mediterranean 3. The challenges for the Mediterranean 4. Prospects and disruptions up to horizon 2050 5. Different scenarios for the future of Green and Climate Finance The…
2 May, 2022