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Setting next steps to develop the EU taxonomy

In a commendatory move, WWF, with the support of 44 NGOs, including eco-union, has addressed a letter to Commissioner McGuinness, along with key officials from the VDL Cabinet, JRS, DG FISMA, and DG ENV, congratulating the Commission for its groundbreaking Recommendation on facilitating finance for the transition to a sustainable economy issued last June. The heart of the letter lies…
15 December, 2023
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Financing the sustainable development of the Mediterranean

eco-union, together with IEMed, developed a briefing on Green and Climate Finance in the Euro-Mediterranean region that tackles the following topics: 1. Green Finance: concept and situation 2. State of Green Finance in the Mediterranean 3. The challenges for the Mediterranean 4. Prospects and disruptions up to horizon 2050 5. Different scenarios for the future of Green and Climate Finance The…
2 May, 2022