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Joint NGO letter urges President von der Leyen to address methane

A coalition of environmental organizations, including eco-union, has come together to issue a joint letter to President von der Leyen, urgently urging her to use the upcoming State of the Union address as a platform to address one of the most critical and overlooked climate threats: the rapid increase in global methane emissions. The undersigned organizations express their gratitude for…
1 August, 2023
Ecological transitionGovernance and PoliciesGreen Transition

Just Transition: A new social contract for the wellbeing of people and the planet

Several European stakeholders, mainly civil society organisations, think tanks and social economy enterprises, including eco-union, have published a Call to Action to the European Ministers for Environment and Energy gathered in Valladolid, Spain, on 10-11 July, as well as on other EU and national level decisionmakers, to complement the implementation of urgently needed, ambitious environmental and climate policies with robust…
11 July, 2023
Governance and Policies

Spain’s EU Presidency: key role in driving forward the environmental agenda

The European Environmental Bureau (EEB) has just published a Memorandum to the Spanish Presidency of the EU, with Ten Green Tests for the incoming presidency. As Spain assumes the 6-month Council Presidency of the EU this July, it finds itself facing significant challenges, including the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian conflict and the energy and inflation crises gripping the region. With these pressing concerns…
6 July, 2023
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Civil society claims its role in a Spanish Presidency of the EU Council ambitious on climate action

27 NGOs come together to advocate for accelerated climate action during the Spanish Presidency of the Council of the European Union. NGOs bring knowledge and skills to help the Council Presidency go beyond governments and include organised civil society. To this end, they require information channels and active spaces for participation. From 1 July 2023 until the end of the…
6 July, 2023
Energy and Climate ChangeGovernance and Policies

150+ experts call on Paris Summit leaders to redirect trillions from fossils, debt, and the 1%

On June 22-23, France and other government leaders are holding a “Summit for a New Global Financial Pact” in Paris, with a goal to “build a new contract between the countries of the North and the South to address climate change and the global crisis.”  150+ economists and experts, including eco-union's president Jérémie Fosse, have sent an open letter calling…
23 June, 2023
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More than 400 organizations demand post-growth policies in the EU

Today, May 15, a historic three-day conference entitled Beyond Growth 2023 begins in Brussels. The event, organized by the European Parliament with the support of more than 30 European organizations, aims to challenge conventional European Union policies and redefine societal goals, putting into practice the idea of a post-growth EU, adapted to a future that combines social welfare and viable…
15 May, 2023
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Inclusive citizenship in a world in transformation

A new EU-funded research project On 6th and 7th of March 2023 eco-union is in Lisboa attending the kick-off meeting of the new EU-funded project INCITE-DEM. The project aims at enhancing inclusive participation and civic engagement, while expanding democratic innovation and dynamic feedback mechanisms between citizens and institutional actors in Europe. Based on high quality research, the project will experiment…
7 March, 2023
Governance and PoliciesGreen TransitionPress release

Spanish Presidency of the Council of the European Union

An ambitious presidency for a resilient Europe eco-union, together with other environmental organisations, has produced a position paper calling on the Spanish government to set an agenda that meets the urgent needs of decarbonisation during its term in the Presidency of the EU Council. The Fit for 55 package gives us the opportunity to put the European Union at the…
23 December, 2022
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EU’s economic rules must allow for the necessary spending on people and climate

We need a quantum leap in EU economic and fiscal governance for a future-fit economy Towards the end of October, the Commission will present a proposal for a revised economic policy, including rules on how governments can borrow and spend on social and environmental causes. Ahead of the publication, 180 unions, civil society, think tanks and academics have come together…
17 October, 2022
Energy and Climate ChangeGovernance and PoliciesNews

Call for a bold and transformative Social Climate Fund

A coalition of 38 NGOs, trade unions and renewable energy producers —including eco-union— are calling for a bigger Social Climate Fund to help low-income households in the climate transition. Europe is in the grip of energy price and energy security crises. Households are facing soaring energy bills and fear the coming winter, or simply cannot afford fuel to heat their homes.…
11 October, 2022