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Energy and Climate Change

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Fairer and faster permitting for a successful European renewable energy transition

Spanish organizations within the Climate Action Network Europe, including eco-union, present a report for the proper deployment of renewable energies. Accelerating the deployment of renewable energies, primarily solar and wind, along with associated infrastructure, is imperative, but it must be done inclusively and strategically. Public participation, local involvement, and the protection and restoration of biodiversity are key components for renewable…
8 November, 2023
Energy and Climate ChangeGovernance and Policies

European NGOs raise concerns about draft NECPs

More than 50 organisations, including eco-union, have supported a NECP lobby letter to the European Commission to express serious concerns regarding the lacking ambition level and inadequate quality of the draft National Energy and Climate Plans (NECPs). With climate change accelerating, biodiversity declining, and soaring fossil fuel prices impacting our citizens, revising Member States' NECPs is vital. These plans should be…
23 October, 2023
Energy and Climate Change

5 new Policy Briefs published in the TIPPING+ Project

The TIPPING+ project, a Horizon 2020 endeavor dedicated to advancing the scientific understanding of Social-Ecological Tipping Points (SETPs) in support of clean-energy transitions in Coal and Carbon Intensive Regions (CCIRs), has just published five new policy briefs that provide valuable insights and recommendations for navigating this critical concept. These policy briefs represent a collaborative effort by esteemed experts and researchers…
19 July, 2023
Energy and Climate ChangeGovernance and PoliciesNews

Call for a bold and transformative Social Climate Fund

A coalition of 38 NGOs, trade unions and renewable energy producers —including eco-union— are calling for a bigger Social Climate Fund to help low-income households in the climate transition. Europe is in the grip of energy price and energy security crises. Households are facing soaring energy bills and fear the coming winter, or simply cannot afford fuel to heat their homes.…
11 October, 2022