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  • Our study delves into the impact of tourism in Barcelona, focusing on this destination as our focal point.
  • In this comprehensive analysis, we not only present a series of valuable recommendations but also showcase exemplary practices that can effectively enhance Barcelona’s tourism industry
  • Promoting a modal shift hinges on a crucial factor – improving travel times between Barcelona and major European capitals.

In the framework of the project Barcelona Zero Emissions Destination, eco-union, together with the Association for the Promotion of Public Transport (PTP) and the Sustainable and Safe Mobility Foundation (FMSS), and with the support of Barcelona City Council, presents the report that brings together the fruits of this project.

The project aims, through research, advocacy and promotion of low-carbon tourist mobility, to boost and promote sustainable mobility in tourist travel to and from Barcelona. The report includes data on the climate impact of travel and tourism in the city, as well as the possibility of modal shift based on good practices and improvements in cross-border and night-time connections.

Presentation of the report

To unveil the document, we have planned an engaging combination of both face-to-face and virtual sessions through the Zoom platform. The initial face-to-face session will involve a comprehensive presentation of the report and its accompanying infographics in a cohesive manner. Following this, 3 virtual sessions will be conducted, further enriching the insights and discussions.

🗓️ Date: Friday, 26 May 2023

🕐Time: from 10.00 am to 12.30 pm

📍Place: Hub social (C/ Girona 34, interior), registration is required by clicking on this link

In the virtual working sessions, focused on different sectors, we will work on specific parts of the proposal with the stakeholder that could have an impact on it. You will find details of each session and registration links below:

Tourism sector

🗓️ Date: 30 May 2023, from 10h to 11:30 h

🎯 Objective: present and work on the different proposals with technicians and entities from the tourism sector.

Registration here


🗓️ Date: 15 June 2023, from 17.30 to 19h

🎯 Objective:present and work on the different proposals at citizen level, especially among young people and women.

Registration here


🗓️ Date: 22 June 2023, from 10h to 11:30 h

🎯 Objective: final evaluation of the project together with the administration, based on the data also collected in the previous sessions.

Registration here

Tourism is an activity with a high economic and environmental impact in Barcelona. In 2019 almost 14 million tourists made at least one overnight stay in the city, 81% of whom arrived by plane, and generated 9.1 million tonnes of CO2.

These high emission rates jeopardise the city’s reputation as a sustainable tourist destination. Consequently, work needs to be done to reduce the emissions of tourists travelling in and out of the city. And the way to do this is through rail, because of its low emissions.

61% of tourists come from European countries and the vast majority arrive in Barcelona by air. Promoting the use of sustainable transport alternatives to air and road transport to enter and leave the city is key. To this end, the report proposes a modal shift to rail when they come from neighbouring countries relatively close to Barcelona.

Also, Barcelona’s attractiveness as a tourist destination may be affected if we do not curb emissions. This is why recommendations and good practices are also proposed that can create a “Barcelona Zero Emissions Destination” brand, as a distinctive element of a city with a clear commitment to reducing emissions.