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Civil Society Workshop: Connecting the Spanish and Belgian EU Presidencies for a Just Green Transition

The rotating presidency of the Council of the European Union (the so-called EU Presidency) is an opportunity for the country in charge to contribute to the advancement of the common EU agenda while supporting specific priorities and topics relevant at a national and European level. The Spanish Presidency, from July to December of 2023, has managed to finalize most of…
23 January, 2024
Blue EconomyNews

A sustainable blue economy for the Mediterranean: challenges, opportunities and policy pathways

A new policy report, commissioned by the European Commission (DG Near) to the EuroMeSCo network, and developed by eco-union under the supervision of the European Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMed), aims to assess the status and potential of the sustainable Blue Economy in the Mediterranean region, including an analysis of socioeconomic benefits and impacts in relevant Blue Economy activities. This…
8 January, 2024

Rethinking tourism in Barcelona

Tourist activity in Barcelona and opportunities for the Social and Solidarity Economy Within the framework of the project "Remobilitzem el turisme" (Remobilizing tourism), we have published a report that reviews the current state of tourism in Barcelona and summarises the most characteristic features, especially the externalities and impacts of the sector on citizens and the environment. We have also sought…
21 December, 2023

Our Autumn-Winter Newsletter is here!

We are thrilled to present the Autumn-Winter edition of our Newsletter, packed with green insights and sustainability highlights. In the wake of COP28 in Dubai, a monumental step toward a fossil-free future, we explore the delicate dance between global interests and the imperative for swift, collective action. The real catalysts for change, we emphasize, reside in the hands of citizens,…
19 December, 2023
Green FinanceNews

Setting next steps to develop the EU taxonomy

In a commendatory move, WWF, with the support of 44 NGOs, including eco-union, has addressed a letter to Commissioner McGuinness, along with key officials from the VDL Cabinet, JRS, DG FISMA, and DG ENV, congratulating the Commission for its groundbreaking Recommendation on facilitating finance for the transition to a sustainable economy issued last June. The heart of the letter lies…
15 December, 2023
Green TransitionSustainable Development

Statement to the Ministers at COP23 of the Barcelona Convention

Green transition in the Mediterranean: From decisions to actions The Mediterranean Information Office for Environment, Culture and Sustainable Development (MIO-ECSDE), its member NGOs —including eco-union—, and other MAP Partners delivered a joint statement at the 23rd Meeting (COP23) of the Contracting Parties to the Barcelona Convention and its Protocols, which took place on 5-8 December 2023 in Portorož (Slovenia). The…
11 December, 2023
Sustainable Mobility

Rail travel for work: which companies are paving the way for sustainable business travel?

Flying for work is all too common for some employees. But on some common routes like London-Amsterdam, traveling by rail over plane will reduce the employee’s carbon footprint by 93%. Yet, too few companies have embraced rail in their business travel policies, a new briefing by the Travel Smart Campaign finds. Business travel represents 15-20% of global air travel. At…
9 November, 2023
Energy and Climate ChangeNewsRenewable Energies

Fairer and faster permitting for a successful European renewable energy transition

Spanish organizations within the Climate Action Network Europe, including eco-union, present a report for the proper deployment of renewable energies. Accelerating the deployment of renewable energies, primarily solar and wind, along with associated infrastructure, is imperative, but it must be done inclusively and strategically. Public participation, local involvement, and the protection and restoration of biodiversity are key components for renewable…
8 November, 2023
Energy and Climate ChangePress release

EU companies involved in 100+ world’s biggest fossil fuel extraction projects

A new report released by a broad coalition of civil society organisations led by CAN Europe and Friends of the Earth Europe, reveals that at least 107 out of 425 of the world's biggest fossil fuel extraction projects are operated by EU-based companies such as Total Energies, Shell, RWE, and ENI or financed by major European banks. The report sets out…
7 November, 2023
Governance and PoliciesNews

Manifesto for a fossil-free, socially just, and climate-neutral union

Manifesto for the European elections In a significant stride towards addressing the pressing global climate crisis, CAN Europe unveiled its Manifesto for a Fossil-Free, Socially Just, and Climate-Neutral Union during its recent General Assembly held last week. This manifesto outlines crucial principles and objectives aimed at ushering in a sustainable and environmentally conscious future. Key Principles of the Manifesto: Scale…
30 October, 2023