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eco-union granted official Observer status by UNEP

We are thrilled to announce that eco-union has been accredited as an official Observer by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). This accreditation is a significant milestone for us, as it grants us direct participation in various working groups and events at both regional (Europe) and global levels. Previously, we participated as a partner of EEB, but this new status…
7 February, 2024
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eco-union at the International Energy and Environment Fair: GENERA 2024

Jérémie Fosse, President of eco-union, is taking part in the Genera 2024 trade fair, in Madrid, on Wednesday 7 February. It will be part of Session 1, entitled "The integration of wind energy in Spain: Presentation of the Wind Ecotourism Guide. 10 Routes through Rural Spain", in collaboration with Vientos de Futuro. eco-union's intervention will revolve around the topic "Spain…
6 February, 2024
Environmental racism

Bearing the brunt: Roma and traveller experiences of environmental racism

The report, "Bearing the Brunt: Roma and Traveller Experiences of Environmental Racism," authored by the European Environmental Bureau (EEB) in collaboration with eco-union's Francesc Cots as a contributing author, sheds light on the often-overlooked issue of environmental racism faced by the Roma and Traveller communities in Western Europe. Building on a groundbreaking 2020 study by the EEB, ERGO Network, and…
5 February, 2024
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Connecting the Spanish and Belgian EU Presidencies for a Just Green Transition

Following the civil society workshop titled "Connecting the Spanish and Belgian EU Presidencies for a Just Green Transition," held in Brussels on January 23rd, 2024, the comprehensive summary of the conference is now available for public access. This collaborative event brought together representatives from Spanish, Belgian, and European Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) actively engaged in the European climate and environmental…
2 February, 2024
Blue EconomyEvents

eco-union at the Plan Bleu workshop: Harmful subsidies and the Mediterranean

eco-union will be participating in Plan Bleu's upcoming workshop titled “Harmful Subsidies and the Mediterranean: Balancing Environmental Sustainability, Economy, and Equity,” scheduled for January 30, 2024, in Marseille. Why are harmful subsidies a global concern? Environmental harmful subsidies have become a significant global issue, disrupting the delicate balance of our planet's ecology. These financial incentives, provided by governments to boost…
29 January, 2024
EventsGovernance and PoliciesGreen Transition

Civil Society Workshop: Connecting the Spanish and Belgian EU Presidencies for a Just Green Transition

The rotating presidency of the Council of the European Union (the so-called EU Presidency) is an opportunity for the country in charge to contribute to the advancement of the common EU agenda while supporting specific priorities and topics relevant at a national and European level. The Spanish Presidency, from July to December of 2023, has managed to finalize most of…
23 January, 2024
Blue EconomyNews

A sustainable blue economy for the Mediterranean: challenges, opportunities and policy pathways

A new policy report, commissioned by the European Commission (DG Near) to the EuroMeSCo network, and developed by eco-union under the supervision of the European Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMed), aims to assess the status and potential of the sustainable Blue Economy in the Mediterranean region, including an analysis of socioeconomic benefits and impacts in relevant Blue Economy activities. This…
8 January, 2024

Rethinking tourism in Barcelona

Tourist activity in Barcelona and opportunities for the Social and Solidarity Economy Within the framework of the project "Remobilitzem el turisme" (Remobilizing tourism), we have published a report that reviews the current state of tourism in Barcelona and summarises the most characteristic features, especially the externalities and impacts of the sector on citizens and the environment. We have also sought…
21 December, 2023

Our Autumn-Winter Newsletter is here!

We are thrilled to present the Autumn-Winter edition of our Newsletter, packed with green insights and sustainability highlights. In the wake of COP28 in Dubai, a monumental step toward a fossil-free future, we explore the delicate dance between global interests and the imperative for swift, collective action. The real catalysts for change, we emphasize, reside in the hands of citizens,…
19 December, 2023
Green FinanceNews

Setting next steps to develop the EU taxonomy

In a commendatory move, WWF, with the support of 44 NGOs, including eco-union, has addressed a letter to Commissioner McGuinness, along with key officials from the VDL Cabinet, JRS, DG FISMA, and DG ENV, congratulating the Commission for its groundbreaking Recommendation on facilitating finance for the transition to a sustainable economy issued last June. The heart of the letter lies…
15 December, 2023