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El transport terrestre és el responsable del 40% de les emissions de gasos amb efecte hivernacle a les ciutats

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Global Just Transition(s): From sectoral transition to systemic transformation

By Governance and Policies
Check out the report of the workshop on Global Just Transition(s) "From sectoral transition to systemic transformation: Guiding just transition(s) from carbon intensive and dependent regions towards inclusive, prosperous and resilient economies, communities and societies". Do you want to know more? Have a look at the report This workshop placed the concept of just transition within an overarching vision for...
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Carta abierta a los Ministros de Transporte de la Unión Europea

By Governance and Policies, Press release
Ante el Consejo de Transporte de la Comisión Europea el próximo 3 de Junio de 2021, 36 organizaciones medioambientales, entre ellas eco-union, han firmado una carta abierta dirigida a todos los Ministros Europeos. Las organizaciones medioambientales pedimos que, en el cumplimiento del Año Europeo del Ferrocarril, desde Europa se haga una propuesta política fuerte que traslade el peso de los...
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How to engage citizens in the green revolution?

By Green Economy, News
How to engage citizens in the green revolution? On the mornings of February 2-4, the key knowledge needed to support people or communities in producing and consuming their own green energy, will be shared at a cross-European online conference. Throughout the conference days, experts and practitioners are invited to join ‘prosumerism’ dialogues and policy exchange. The first day of the...
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