This projet will be focused on the analysis and evaluation of coastal and maritime tourism at the global level. After a study of the sector at regional level, eco-union and its partners will develop scalable regional initiatives to reinforce maritime governance and environmental stewardship in the coastal and maritime sector.

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On June 20th, eco-union association, IDDRI and FFEM/AFD are organizing the first Blue Tourism Forum at AFD’s offices in Paris.

During the day, one conference and three round-table discussions will be organized to present the conclusions of the report Blue Tourism: towards a sustainable coastal and maritime tourism in regional seas and to present recommendations and experiences on the sustainability of tourism in coastal and marine environment.

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• Assess environmental, economic and social impacts of the coastal and maritime tourism
• Identify best practices for managing negative externalities and foster sustainable development
• Review enabling condition for integrated management of coastal and maritime tourism
• Formulate and implement concrete actions to insure a sustainable blue tourism at global and regional level


• Extensive review of scientific and grey literature
• Analysis of ocean governance and tourism management plan in regional seas
• Survey of relevant actors at the international, regional and local level

Expected outcomes

The research findings are expected to contribute to the implementation of integrated ocean governance and sustainable tourism management at regional and global level.

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