Ecounion press release about America’s withdrawal from Paris Agreement on Climate Change

By 2 junio, 2017News

02 June 2016, Barcelona

Following the announcement from the president of the United States of America to withdraw from the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, eco-union wishes to renew its commitment towards a sustainable planet.

Yesterday, the president of the USA announced its decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement. At eco-union we believe it is an historical mistake. Climate Change is already happening and threatens our present and future. Since industrial time, the average global temperature has increased by more than one degree. Global Warming is accelerating biodiversity losses, ocean acidification, massive floods and water stress, particularly damaging in the Mediterranean region, one of the most vulnerable hotspot in the world.

The consequences are already dramatic and visible: food insecurity, health problems, social inequities, human migrations.

This wrong decision from one of the major world polluter reinforces our commitment to work for a greener economy, more sustainable communities and shared prosperity in the Mediterranean region, in close partnerships with engaged stakeholders, scientists, NGOs, political leaders and responsible businesses.

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