Europe Ambition 2030 support letter

By 4 septiembre, 2017News

Europe Ambition 2030

Brussels, 3rd September 2017.

Concerns : ‘Transforming Our Europe’

M.M. the Presidents of the European Union Institutions,

We signatories, invite European state and non-state actors, to ‘rethink Europe’ in the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals, building on the working paper attached Transforming Our Europe. The title is inspired by the UN Agenda 2030 Transforming Our World.

We value Transforming Our Europe as it presents a new narrative of an ‘ambitious Europe’ which puts the EU in a position of global leadership. Europe is prepared to lead the re-orientation of globalization and the effective implementation of the UNSDG 2030 Agenda. The European Union’s commitment to fighting climate change can only be achieved within the context of the SDG framework to be able to fully implement the Paris agreement. Sustainable development is not a fortunate byproduct of climate action; it is its organizing principle. The paper includes proposals for EU governance to better serve its citizens so that no one should be left behind.

We encourage alliances of European state actors ( EU institutions, governments, parliaments) and non-state actors (regions, cities, businesses, financiers, trade unions, civil society) to reach the SDG targets.

We support a partnership action plan of between state and non-state actors for the next 18 months, prior to the completion of the Brexit negotiations and the 2019 European elections.

We commend actions undertaken by many constituencies to adopt the SDG framework as part of their work, business and policy practices. These social entrepreneurs and innovators have the potential to drive a greater and more prosperous Europe. The actors shaping the debate include those involved in the ‘care’ movement, “Generation S” made up of large, medium, small-sized companies, whose leaders have embraced the SDG Agenda, (including the 10.000 enterprise members of CSR Europe, Global Compact, WBCSD, and eco- entrepreneurs), Value Based/Impact Investors – public and private – who are mobilizing capital to support the SDGs, the 7.100 signatories of the Covenant of

Mayors on Climate and Energy with their 5.100 action plans, the thousands of universities, research centers and NGOs part of Horizon 2020 projects, European Innovation Partnerships, sustainable energy investments platforms, and other EU Programmes dealing with international cooperation. Together, this diverse set of actors make up the Transition Movement.

Empowering partnerships with non-state actors, to lead the re-orientation of globalisation is linked with the re-orientation of Europe. It has the potential and the power to unite an increasingly fractured Europe, to change mindsets and to rebuild trust.

Yours sincerely,

Amato Giuliano, Member of the Italian Constitutional Court

Bonifert Marta, Board Member of Hungarian Business Leaders Forum

Davignon Etienne, President of CSR-Europe

De Schutter Olivier, Professor UCL, Co-Chair, International Panel of Experts on Sustainable Food Systems (IPES-Food).

Dessertine Philippe, Professor at the Institut d’Administration des Entreprises de l’Université Paris I panthéon Sorbonne, member of the Haut Conseil des finances publiques. France

Dastoli Virgilio, President of European Movement – Italy. Dubrulle Mark, President of Club of Rome – EU Chapter

Fosse Jérémie, President of Eco-Union

Giovannini Enrico, Spokesman of the Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development (ASviS). Full professor of Economic Statistics. Department of Economics and Finance (DEF) University of Rome “Tor Vergata”

Lamy Pascal, President emeritus Jacques Delors Institute

Laville Bettina, President Comité 21 – France

Letta Enrico, Dean of the Paris School of International Affairs at Sciences Po

Méndez de Vigo Gonzalo Echagüe, President Conama Foundation – Spain

Monti Mario, President of Bocconi University – Italy

Saccomanni Fabrizio , Vice President – International Affairs Institute (Rome)

Ribera Teresa, Director of the Institute for sustainable development and international relations (IDDRI) – France.

Silovic Dasa, Chair, International Board of the CEE Network on Gender Issues

Van Rompuy Herman, Honorary President of the Club of Rome – EU Chapter

Walsh Geraldine, President of European Partners for the Environment



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